The following Online Resources (primarily from the book, but with new links being added occasionally) were active at the time they were added to this list. The Wayback Machine service of the Internet Archive at archive .org might be useful for providing links to historic versions of any pages that are no longer available on the Internet. Suggestions for relevant additional links welcomed – please use our Contact Form.


Adès, Thomas

Allanbrook, John

Alys in Wonderland

Amongst the Pigeons

An Gordonach!

Anderson, Jeffery

Anderson, Laurie

Andersson, Joel

Anderton, Stephen

Andres, Timothy

Andrew, Marc Lee (see Critical Best)

Aperdannier, Bene

Awash with Antler

Bannister, Matthew

Bartlett, Will

Beckmann, William

Bennett, Louise

Bishop, Will and Dan

Bjarnason, Daniel

Black and White Tango”

Blyth Daubney, Brian

Booth, Emma E

Borthwick, Alastair

Boyle, Harrison

Braid, David

Breen, Eef van

Bremner, David

Broughton, Julian

Brown, Kevin George

Brown, Stephen

Brown, Stephen John

Browse, Mark

Buder, Tobias (see Kanal)

Burtzos, Alex

Bush, Thomas


Caldura, Maurizio!/MARCELLO-TONOLO-MUSIC-ON-POETRY-%E2%80%9CDays%E2%80%9D-solo-in-digitale-only-digital/p/180419853

Calzavara, Alessandro (see Humpty Dumpty)

Campbell, Graham

Cardboard Cutouts

Carhart, David

Carter, Drew

Cavanagh, Tony

Chadwick, Roland

Chan, Lesley

Charlton, Richard

Chen, Stephen

Chilcott, Bob

Clark, Anne

Clarke, Jonathan

Clement, Cameron

Clements, Mark

Cloud, Judith

Cohen, Denis

Cole Huw Richard

Cordes, Rebecca

Corp, Roland

Cowdrey, Peter

Critical Best

Currie, Sally

Daly, Ciaran (see The Idle Hands)

Danish Cartoonists, The

Damn Dog (see Leszek Karczewski)

Deicida 69

Department, The


Dickinson, Peter

Dijkstra, Lowell

Dora, Delphine

Downie, Robin

Dubery, David

Duchhart, Dennis

Eastwood, Kristian

Ebrel, Yann-Vari

Elting, Frank

Emery, John

Evans, Leo

Ex Friends

Felsenfeld, Daniel

Fiasco, Xara

Finch, Wes

Fink, Simon

Fischer, Klaus

Fitrzgerald, Owen Matthew

Flechsenhar, Britta Ann

Fletcher, William A

Flores, Elyzare

Gant, Andrew

Garcia, August
‘At Grass’
‘Toads Revisited’
‘The Trees’

Gardner, John Linton

Garrett, Michael

Garrick, Michael

Gawthorpe, Dave

Gerlitz, Carsten

German, Lyudmila

Gilderdale, Malcolm

Glebetz, Olga

Goehr, Alexander

Goss, Stephen

Gould, John

Grandjean, Julien

Grange, Philip


Gregory, Max

Gulick, Paul van

Haas, Uwe

Hagen, Daron

Hallgrímsson, Hafliði

Harrington, David

Harrow, David

Hayes, Edwina

Hazey Janes, The

Hecht, Joseph

Hedges, Anthony


Hoiby, Lee

Holloway, Robin

Holy Orders, The

Hopkins, John Eric

Hopper, Andrew

Horse Guards Parade

Hotel Horla

Hughes, Ian J

Humpty Dumpty

Hutchings, Christopher

Hyde, Thomas

Idle Hands, The


Isle of Us

Japan Suicide

Johansen, Hanus G

Johnson, Liz

Johnson, Louis

Jones, Steve

Jugy, Hugo


Kelly, Paul Maurice


Kim, Earl”

Kingdom By The Sea


Knight, David

Kohn, Ray

Koprowski, Hilary

Kramer, Alfred

Lauren Stuart

Lauvdal, Anja

Laycock, Jolyon

Leith Walks


Lerwill, Paul Douglas

Lewis, Evan

Little Machine

Lowe Watson, Andrew

Man Made Noise

Manic Street Preachers

Martin, Laura

Martinson, Joel

Mather, Lluis

McBirnie, Andrew

McCarthy, Dan

McClelland, William

McLemore, Matthew

Mehldau, Brad

Messina, Marcello

Michel, Sarah

Miller, Scott

Montgomery, Bruce


Morrill, Dexter

Moya, Cristina Mateos



Mysterious Inventors

Neroy, Marcos

Nichols, Sydney


Night Caps


Notebook, The


O’Hara, Chris

Olsen, James

O’Meara, Philip

Orgee, Andrew

Orwin, James L

Orwin, James M

Paxton, Jamie

Peate, Robert

Percy, Heather

Perrudin, Laura

Perry, Ivor

Philpot, Michael

Photopulos, Maria

Platts, Kenneth

Pollard, Matthew

Poston, Elizabeth

Potter, Rick

Powers, Anthony

Prag, Dom

Previn, Andre


PY Riders

Quinn, John–november-13-2018

Randell, Edward

Remmers, William

Reynolds, Anthony John F

Riley, Colin

Robinson, Alan S

Rosevere, Paul/Mr

Rußbüldt, Rondy

Russell, Zach

Ruzsicska, Peter

Sarno, Giulia


Schnermann, Andreas

Schönholzer, Markus

School Expulsion

Schoonenbeek, Kees

Searby, Mike

Shapiro, Gerald

Shrapnel, Hugh

Smith, Ian

Space Advocate

Spilt Milk

Spratt, Alasdair

Sterrett, Grace O

Stevenson, Tim

Stier, Charles

Stingone, Mike (see Space Advocate)

Street, Jools

Szymko, Joan

Talbot, Joby

Tatman, Kerrin

Taylor, Geoffrey Allan

Taylor, Trevor

Telford, James

Thicknes, Philip

Thompson, Barbara

Thompson, Matthew (see also Holy Orders, The)


Tonolo, Marcello

Toovey, Andrew

Townsend, Bryan

Tsang, Richard

Turner, Fred

Ullyart, Greg

Underdog Experience, The

Unen, Kees van

Venables, Ian

Violence Creeps

Vores, Andy

Wakeford, Tony

Walker, Granville

Walker, Susan J

Wallen, Errollyn

Warren, Betsy

Watkins, Huw

Waudby, James D – (see Horse Guards Parade)

Weeks, Oliver

White, James Michael

Whittle, James

Williams, James Thomas

Williams, Joe

Williams, John

Wilson, John

Wilson, Phill (see Myonemanband)

Wire, Nicky (see Manic Street Preachers)

Woltjer, Bastiaan

Wood, Jeffrey

Wormhole Away, A

Wray, Walter (see Little Machine)

Ya se fueron

Yiu, Raymond

Your Headlights Are On (see also Laudval, Anja)

Yuen, Viola

Zaldua, Tobias


Zappa, Arya
Arya Zappa | LIVE @ Reeperbahn Festival 2020
ARYA ZAPPA (DE) — Live at ESNS 2021

Zawiedek, Kurt

Zuidam, Robert