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An Gordonach!: ‘This Be The Verse’
Bjarnason, Daniel:
1. Talking in Bed (Version for Voice & Orchestra)
2. Is it for now or for always (Version for Voice & Orchestra)
3. Night-Music (Version for Voice & Orchestra)
Borthwick, Alastair: ‘Days’
Brown, Stephen J: Brief is the Breath
Cavanagh, Tony: ‘This Be The Verse’
Chadwick, Roland: Songs of the Veil
Department, The: ‘This Be The Verse’
Felsenfeld, Daniel: ‘Annus Mirabilis’
Fiasco, Xara: ‘This Be The Verse’
Finch, Wes:
‘The Trees’
Wes Finch – live performance (including ‘This Be The Verse’ and ‘Long Lion Days’
Garcia, August:
A l’herba (‘At Grass’)
Retorn als gripaus (‘Toads Revisited’)
Els arbres (‘The Trees’)
Glebetz, Olga:
‘The Trees’
Gregory, Max:
‘The Trees’
‘Cut Grass’ (no vocal)
Gulick, Paul van: ‘Going’
Hopper, Andrew:
‘Send No Money’
‘As Bad as a Mile’
‘Home is so Sad’
Japan Suicide: ‘This Be The Verse’
Jugy, Hugo:
‘Cut Grass’
‘Is it for now or for always’
Lerwill, Paul: ‘they fuck you up’
Manic Street Preachers: ‘Failure Bound’
Nicotins: ‘This Be The Verse’
O’Meara, Philip: Toads (song cycle)
Quinn, John: ‘The Trees’
Randell, Edward: ‘The Trees’
Reynolds, Anthony: ‘Love Again’
Tatman, Kerrin: ‘Coming’
Toovey, Andrew: Elegy for England (includes setting of ‘The Trees’)
Violence Creeps: ‘This Be The Verse’
Zappa, Arya:
‘Cut Grass’
‘Next Please’
‘Now or Always’
‘We Never Die’