All the links provided here were active on 9 August 2022 when Astonishing the Brickwork was published.
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Burtzos, Alex: ‘The Explosion and Other Tales’
Bush, Thomas: Acoustic Works (including ‘Coming’ and ‘Going’)
Hecht, Joseph: ‘The Trees’
Ebrel, Yann-vari: Wedding bird poem by philip larkin
Evans, Leo: ‘This Be The Verse’
Fitzgerald, Owen: ‘High Windows’
Flores, Elyzar: ‘Mother, Summer, I’
German, Lyudmila:
‘Love, we must part now’
‘The Dancer’
Glebetz, Olga:
‘The Trees’
Gregory, Max:
‘The Trees’
‘Cut Grass’ (no vocal)
Hopkins, John: Some Song Cycles (including ‘In the White Hours’)
Karczewski, Leszek: ‘This Be The Verse’
‘Money’ (with band)
‘Money’ (lyrics)
Knight, David: ‘Home is so Sad’
Kohn, Ray: Times Dance (includes setting of ‘Going’)
Laycock, Jolyon: Dark Seas
Mysterious Inventors: ‘This Be The Verse’
Neroy, Marcos: ‘This Be The Verse’
Night Caps: ‘This Be The Verse’
O’Hara, Chris: ‘The Trees’
O’Meara, Philip: Toads (song cycle)
Remmer, William: ‘Afternoons’
Rosevere, Paul:
‘Talking in Bed’
‘To put one brick upon another’
Saturnite: ‘Aubade’
School Expulsion: ‘Annus Mirabilis’
Unen, Kees van: A Time and A Place (includes setting of ‘Coming’)
White, James: ‘Toads’
Woltjer, Bastian: ‘First Sight’
Ya se Fueron: ‘This Be The Verse’